Medical Breakthroughs:Which Young People are More Susceptible to Smoking

A new study finds planned cesarian deliveries are safe for low-risk pregnancies and may even be safer than planned traditional deliveries. Canadian researchers found planned c-sections were associated with a lower risk of adverse outcomes for both mother and baby. Authors say more research is needed to understand possible harmful long-term effects – such as the child’s risk for respiratory illness.

New research shows transplants using hearts from people who died of cardiac arrest are feasible.
researchers at NYU looked at eight cases where surgeons resuscitated the hearts before transplantation. In all eight cases, the hearts were accepted by the transplant recipients.

And a new study in pediatrics finds asking young people certain questions about smoking could help predict who will become cigarette smokers. Youths who said yes to questions about their curiosity regarding cigarettes, as well as plans to try them, were significantly more likely to take up smoking.

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