New Details: Police Release Cause of Death for Missing One-Month Old Infant

New details continue to unravel in a case that many people found strange and unusual.

Caleb Whisnand

Caleb Whisnand, Sr./Source: Montgomery County Detention Facility

According to court records, Caleb Whisnand, Sr. intentionally caused death to the victim, one-month old infant Caleb Whisnand, Jr. Blunt force trauma to the head caused the death.

Police charged Whisnand Sr. with Capital Murder in the infant’s death.

Whisnand Sr. and the child’s child mother, Angela Gardner, reported the missing on Monday, May 10. Police found the child’s body in a remote area in Lowndes County on Wednesday shortly after the Gardner and Whisnand Sr. held a press conference asking the public to assist in finding one-month old Whisnand Jr.

Alacourt records show that Whisnand Jr. has a crime-filled past with multiple drug arrests.


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