Pay It Forward: Amanda Meacham of Montgomery


A year and half ago, Amanda Meacham had a vision for helping other women get off drugs and get their lives back on track.
She started holding yard sales to raise money for a recovery home and opened Angels in Disguise.

“Angels in Disguise is about women helping women. A lot of broken women don’t have the opportunity to really have other women help follow them to the purpose. Most don’t even realize they have a purpose. I know I didn’t,” said Meacham.

She has gone through her own addictions and hard times, and now that she has gotten the help she needs, she is offering that same help and hope to others.

“We give them time to structure them in a church, in a loving church. We structure them with work ethics. We help teach them how to take their meds on time. We help them trust other women. Being okay being by themselves,” said Meacham.

One of those women is Jolene Butts.

“She was an awesome Director. Hopefully when we start our new house in the country, that will start over again,” said Butts.





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