Local Woman Turns Health Concerns into Nationally-Recognized Business

When most people see Quebe Merritt (formally Bradford), they may just see a mother of two, or owner of popular Montgomery restaurant Plant Bae. While both of those are true, her backstory may surprise you to find out how she got to where she is today.

After Merritt had her second child, Sydney, she began nursing her as she did her first. But after noticing an irregular occurrence of projectile vomiting from Sydney, Merritt began to notice the food in her diet.

“You know when you realize something is affecting your child it just changes something in your brain,” said Merritt.

After journaling more and more, Merritt says she notice dairy was one of the biggest factor’s to these health concerns. She tried out a 30-day vegan diet, and never looked back.

“My cholesterol had dropped by almost 30 points, I’d lost weight, my acne had gone away, I was breathing really clear, it was April everyone was talking about allergies and I was clean as a whistle.”

In May of 2020, Merritt decided to make her new healthier life choices into her passion, and opened restaurant Plant Bae.

A year later, Plant Bae was recognized by USA Today as one of the Top 20 Vegan Restaurants in the SouthEast. 

Her restaurant was also awarded an United States of America Trademark.

“We had to show that it was something worth protecting,” said Merritt, “So we’re just glad to get that conformation and stamp of approval that hey, Plant Bae is a name that’s worth protecting.”

Plant Bae is now known all over Montgomery for their delicious southern-style vegan plates! Merritt says she wanted everyone to know they can still have their favorite southern dishes, in an all plant-based way.

“I wanted to make that grandma type food, that gave you comfort!”

For more information on Plant Bae, visit here.

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