Bama Super Fan Shares Gift of Crimson Tide Total Recall

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team is known for it’s winning tradition. And for having one of college football’s most enthusiastic fan base.

Tonight — we’ll introduce to one of those fans — and share his amazing gift.

With a storied history that includes 18 national championships — clearly the Alabama Crimson Tide football team has played in some memorable games.

Wal 1Seth Williams of Valley Grande is a die-hard Bama fan — who can remember more about them — than most. He can tell you the scores and opponents — for every Alabama football game — for the past 20 years.

He can do it for a random specific game.

“The 1992 championship team. Who’d they play? And what was the score? Miami, 34 to 13.

Or he can run them down by the season — like a list.

“2009 they beat Virginia Tech 34 -24 — Florida International 40 to 14 — North Texas State 53 to 7 — Arkansas 35 to 7 — Won at Kentucky 38 to 21 — at Ole Miss 22 to 3.”

Williams is on the autism spectrum.

And as a result — he has a memory — like elephant. It’s like a super-power — that he only uses for good. Like raising people’s awareness about autism.

“We want to educate people that autism is something that people, you know, it’s not a terrible diagnosis like some people think,” said Lisa Williams.

“I believe that this is a gift from God,” said Seth Williams.

“I believe God’s gifted me with this. And I believe it’s for a purpose and a reason.”

The Alabama Crimson Tide is set to kick off the 2012 football season Saturday in Atlanta — against the Miami Hurricanes.

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