Alabama State University is Getting a New Track

Alabama State University is known for having a very successful Track & Field program. The girls team being undefeated in outdoor Track & Field for 13 seasons in a row from 2009-2021. Now they are getting ready for a change that will boost the program even more.

The university will be resurfacing the track at the Old Hornet Stadium. Head coach Ritchie Beene says that although it will take some time before the track is finished he is looking forward to the benefits this change will bring to the program and the university.

“I’m like a kid waking up on Christmas morning being able to just walk recruits out here to show them where they are going to train where they they are going to be able to become great student athletes….. its finally coming and it

s something that ASU can be proud of and our community can be proud of.” -Coach Beene

Coach Beene says that he anticipates that the resurfacing should be completed sometime in the spring.

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