Perry County Courthouse Improvement Project Set to Get Underway

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Perry County courthouse in Marion is about to get a major face lift.

The building is 165 years old and part of the façade of the historic structure — is in desperate need of repair.

Wal Pccfacelift Pkg2“We made interior repairs about 10 years ago to the courthouse. And now we’re making some exterior repairs to bring this Greek architectural building up to par,” said Commission Chairman Albert Turner, Jr.

Turner says a stream of federal dollars — freed up money in the county’s general fund budget — to help pay for the project.

“The project will include repairing the steps and the porch. We have 12 columns that will be renovated and brought back to new,” said Turner.

The county is also set to kick-off a 3-phase renovation project — to transform the Old National Guard Armory — into a multi-purpose center.

Wal Pccfacelift Pkg1 “With this facility here not only will you have a comfortable facility to come and vote in, you’ll have another place that the county citizens can be proud of to use for multi-purpose events,” Turner said.

Kyle Bush is the Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Marion Military Institute. And he says Perry County is on the move.

“It’s a good time to be here. You can see new things going on, new little paintings right around here on the corner,” said Bush.

“You feel a little of that pride being over here.”

Chairman Turner says the projects could get underway — as soon as next month.

Turner also says the multi-purpose building will be named in honor of Perry County native Coretta Scott King — when it’s finished.

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