Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Kicks Off ’12 Days of Safety’

As the festive holiday season continues, families are preparing and
finalizing plans for Christmas gatherings and New Year’s celebrations. Much like the
Thanksgiving travel period, Troopers with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA)
expect to see travel numbers return to pre-pandemic levels as more citizens prepare to visit
friends and loved ones this year. Unfortunately, congested roadways mixed with dangerous
driving behaviors can lead to tragic motor vehicle crashes.

To kick off ALEA’s Twelve Days of Safety, the Agency offers the following safety tips to keep
in mind:
1. Know Before you Go. Plan your route ahead of time and leave early to anticipate pit
stops or traffic delays. Make sure your vehicle has been serviced and ready to hit the
2. Drive defensively, as holiday travel may present additional challenges.
3. Don’t drive while distracted. Do not allow such distractions as using your cell phone to
text, email, or access social media take your focus off driving. Sending or reading a text
takes your eyes off the road for at least five seconds. At 55 miles per hour, that is like
driving the length of an entire football with your eyes closed. Safe driving requires your
full attention.

4. If you must pull over on a busy roadway, do so safely. If you have vehicle difficulties
while on the road (e.g., a flat tire), turn on your hazard lights and pull over to a safe
location off the road. Before exiting the vehicle and taking any action, ensure you can
safely move around outside the car.
5. Drinking and driving over the holidays don’t mix. If you’re planning on enjoying
some eggnog or other festive alcoholic beverage, please help us protect everyone and do
not drink and drive. Make plans to stay with a friend or family member or use public
transport such as a taxi or ride share service.
6. Be vigilant for pedestrians. Look for pedestrians everywhere. They may not be walking
where they should be or may be hard to see – especially in poorly lit conditions,
including dusk/dawn hours, at night and in inclement weather, including fog.
7. Pedestrians should also remain vigilant. Walk on a sidewalk or path when one is
available. Otherwise, walk on the shoulder – facing traffic. Be cautious night and day
when sharing the roadway with vehicles. Never assume the driver sees you. Do not walk
when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which impair your judgment and
8. Make sure your children are properly buckled or restrained. Children should be in
age- and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, and seat belts, which reduce the risk of
serious injuries or death in a car crash by up to 80 percent. Children are safest when car
seats and booster seats are used correctly. Buckle children the right way in the right seat
and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.
9. Make sure all occupants within your vehicle are buckled, no matter how short the
trip. Alabama’s seat belt/child restraint law requires ALL passengers – no matter how
old or which seat they are occupying – to buckle up.
10. On multi-lane roadways, use the left lane for passing only. Not only is it courteous
driving and avoids impeding traffic, but Alabama law also requires slower traffic to keep
to the right and to only use the left lane for passing (when posted). Motorists may drive
for up to a mile and half in the left lane.
11. Move over and help keep the roadways safe for all. When approaching emergency or
tow vehicles, remember Alabama’s Move Over Law requires motorists to move over or
slow down to 15 mph or less than the posted speed limit if you are unable to change
12. Monitor weather and road conditions wherever you are traveling. For road
conditions/closings in Alabama, visit

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