Salvation Army Distributes Christmas Donations

The Salvation Army distributed Christmas donations, and now over 2700 children will get presents this year.

Christmas wishes do come true thanks to the Montgomery Salvation Army. They distributed gifts that they have collected this holiday season as well as the gifts from our Magical Christmas Toy Drive. With the help of our sponsors and people who chose to donate presents, children in our area will get a visit from Santa this year.

“When I drove up here today, and I saw all the families waiting I got excited,” Salvation Army director Daimion Roberts said. “But I got much more excited when one mom said she got everything that she asked for for her child.”

“This time of year you have to think about the children and the blessings of them waking up on Christmas morning and having something under the tree,” Salvation Army volunteer Kimberly Brown said.

Families were lined up out the door, and the distribution wouldn’t have been possible without volunteers who sorted the presents to fit exactly what each family needed. Kedonald Dye was so moved by the generosity the Salvation Army has shown to his family over the years that he has committed to volunteering himself.

“I grew up with the Salvation Army, and they blessed me growing up,” Dye said. “So, I think it’s a blessing that I take my time and opportunity to bless others and do as they did for me.”

For us at Alabama News Network, collecting toys for the Magical Christmas Toy Drive has been a joy. To meet the families taking home the presents made it even more surreal. Because after year like no other, people were more thankful for this act of kindness than ever.

The Salvation Army is still 20% short of their Christmas goal. So, its not too late to do your part if you would like. They will be ringing their bells until December 24th.

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