Residents in Butler County Will Soon Vote on an Ad Valorem Tax Renewal

Butler Co. School Board officials want to make sure residents know the Ad Valorem renewal is not an increase in taxes, or a new tax.

Ad valorem is property tax that supports public schools.

Existing ad valorem taxers are voted on renewal every 10 years.

“When people hear tax, they think new and more, and that is not the situation.” says Butler Co. Superintendent Joe Eiland.

Eiland is concerned that with inflation and gas prices at all time highs that people will be reluctant to renew the tax, but the current millage rate and tax has been in place since 1957.

Butler County’s ad valorem tax is 12 mills. That is only 2 mills above the state minimum.

When a school system is able to collect at least 10mills in ad valorem taxes, the state will match the funds.

1mill is equivalent to ten cents on each 100 dollars in property value, and officials hope the communities in Butler Co. continue to support public education.

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