State’s Highest Gas Prices Located in West Alabama

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People in west Alabama — are digging deeper into their pockets to fill up their gas tanks — than anyone else in the state.

The three counties with the state’s highest average cost for a gallon of regular gas — are located in west Alabama.

Wal Gasprices0520 Pkg1Avery Dudley of Plantersville say sky-rocketing gas prices — have caused some changes — in the way they live and do things in her family.

“They’re high! And I’m glad my daughter is home from college for summer break. We use her car for efficiency on gas,” said Dudley.

And Dudley says — not only are they using her daughter’s sub-compact car more to run errands.
But they’re also cutting down on the number of errands they run.

“And we work with the community to help elderly people. If you need something from town, I’m going to town today. So they won’t have to spend their in the gas tank,” she said.

Michel Ervin owns and operates One Man – One Mow — Lawn Care Service.

Wal Gasprices1102He says all of the mowers — hedge-cutters — and weed eaters — he uses in his business — run off gas.

So, he’s had to increase the price of his service — on some of his customers — due to the soaring prices at the pump in Dallas County.

“I went up maybe five dollars extra on some people. Elderly and older retired people, they still pay the same.”

The average cost of gallon of regular gas — is $4.43 in Dallas County.

The average price was $4.46 per gallon in Wilcox County.

Perry County had the highest average for regular gas in the state — at $4.49 a gallon.

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