UPDATE: Alabama Republicans Approve Pursuit of Closed Primaries


The governing body of the Alabama Republican Party has approved pursuing a closed primary system.

This weekend, members passed a resolution urging the Alabama Legislature to approve closed primaries that require voters to register with a political party in order to vote in that party’s primary.

Currently, Alabama is one of 15 states that do not ask voters to register with a political party before voting in a primary. Voters casting ballots in a primary election in Alabama simply tell a poll worker which ballot they want.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl said there is growing concern about possible cross-over voting by Democrats. Republicans should be electing Republican nominees, he said.

Wahl previously said the resolution endorses the idea of a closed primary, but doesn’t recommend any specific method. States have different rules regarding primary voting and party registration.

Only nine states have completely closed primaries where a voter seeking to vote in a closed primary must first be a registered party member, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Other states have partially open or partially closed primaries, where unaffiliated voters may be able to vote in a primary or where voters can change their party affiliation on primary day.

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