“Garrett Coliseum Is Not in Our Future” Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Says

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed made the comment that Garrett Coliseum “…is not in the city’s future,” Thursday morning during a radio interview on Sports Talk 740.

In the clip, Reed can be heard saying that Garrett Coliseum does not fit in the city’s future.

Reed says it is not feasible to continue to invest in a building that is more than 70 years old.

Mayor Reed also went on to say the location of Garrett Coliseum does not fit into the blueprint for a successful arena that can attract major sporting events and concerts.

“People want to park and walk in downtown. They don’t want to go from one side of the community to another side of the community when they’re coming in for a concert or coming in for a convention,” he said.

Garrett Coliseum is located on the far north end of Federal Drive. There are no casual dining restaurants or hotels in the area.

This summer, a $3.5 million dollar renovation and upgrade project began at the coliseum that includes new lights, air conditioning, a new roof, upgraded locker rooms and concession stands and a resurfaced parking lot.

Charles Jinright, the Montgomery City Council President and chairman of the Garrett Coliseum board, says those renovations are meant to carry Garrett Coliseum for the next decade or so.

Where the investment lies beyond then is still unknown, but it seems that Mayor Reed is advocating for a new facility that will attract more and higher profile concerts, sporting events and conventions to Montgomery.


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