Pay It Forward: Coletta McBryde of Montgomery


Coletta McBryde retired a few years ago and now spends her time meeting the needs of others, whether it’s running an errand or cooking a meal.

“She is one of my church members,” said Wanda Stewart, who nominated McBryde. “I’ve known her all my life. I got sick back here a couple of years ago. I don’t walk. Out of the blue she just called me. She said, ‘Wanda, what are y’all eating for dinner? What are you eating for Thanksgiving or Christmas?’ I said, ‘Nobody here’s cooking because my children don’t really know how to cook, and she is a good cook.’ She said, ‘I’m gonna fix you dinner. I’m gonna bring you dinner.'”

For Coletta McBryde, it’s a calling.

“My motto is ‘God has blessed me, so I can be a blessing to others’ so that’s all I try to do. I get joy out of it. Just smile and doing things for other people because I know he’s blessing me for a reason,” said McBryde.


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