Pay It Forward: Peggy Thacker of Deatsville


Peggy Thacker is an active member in the community. In fact, she can be seen at the Millbrook Food Pantry giving food to the homeless every Thursday.

“Oh my, we serve a lot of people. We have a lot of people come through and they need the food that we give. And we’re happy to give as much as we can,” said Thacker.

Not only that, but Peggy is active in her church and neighborhood HOA and is always giving rides and helping people in need.

“I nominated Peggy because she is a pillar of the community. She helped me when I was in great need and she can be found running someone around to their doctors appointments or picking up their medication any day of the week. She’s really a great part of the community and we’re glad to have her,” said Erik Moore.


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