ASU Donates Truck Load of Supplies to Tornado Ravaged Selma

Alabama State University students and State Representative of Montgomery County District 76, Penni McClammy, sent donated items to Selma toImg 1269 help with relief efforts after a tornado damaged the city. The University students, faculty, and staff stuffed an 18-wheeler full of supplies which they drove to Selma and helped pass out to residents on Selma University campus.

“After seeing the devastation firsthand and realizing that there are still people living on their lots where the home was completely diminished, it is imperative that we provide the citizens of Selma with water, toiletry items, blankets, and other basic essential items; realizing, that it can be you today and us tomorrow,” stated State Rep. McClammy.

ASU students passed out supplies in the city of Selma until around 2pm Friday afternoon.

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