Safe from the Storm: Protecting Yourself from Overnight Storms

Severe weather can be especially deadly when it hits in the overnight hours when you are asleep. But with these tips, you can keep you and your family safe.

First, never rely on outdoor sirens because they may not be loud enough to wake you up. Instead, get a weather radio and program it for your county.

Keep your cell phone turned on. You can get warnings if your phone’s GPS detects that you are inside a warning polygon.

Make your safe space plan while you are awake. Have pillows, blankets and even helmets ready to go. You may also want to put your pets in an enclosed space or crate so that you can grab them quickly if you need to get to your small interior room.

Overnight storms hit Alabama often, and they can be the most deadly because people are not prepared or awake. Make sure you are ready whenever severe weather threatens.

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