Drug Deal Results in Fatal Shootout in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A shootout in Valley Grande over the weekend — leaves one man dead — another man behind bars — and a third man in the hospital.

Dallas County Sheriff Mike Granthum says the incident happened at around Saturday at a house on County Road 240. He said it appears to have been a drug deal — that went bad.

Wal Vgmurder0327 Fox MiniGranthum says 18 year old Kaleb Childers of Valley Grande — and 18 year old Charles Mathews, III of Selma — bought drugs at the house. Then came back later apparently unsatisfied with the purchase — and confronted 21 year old Warrent Reese, II.

“And when they confronted him, gunfire broke out.  We picked up well over 20-something shell casings in the house,” said Granthum.

“Everybody sustained gunshot wounds, all three subjects. Mister Childers received a gunshot wound to his hand area.”

He says Mathews is in the hospital — in critical condition.

“You know nobody wins in this situation. I mean, we got a young man that’s 21 years old that’s dead.”

“And you know, people need to know I mean the dope game, it’s only two ways the dope game can go. Number one, jail or number two, the graveyard.”

Granthum says more charges and arrests are possible.

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