Parents of Valley Grande Murder Victim Speak Out

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The grieving parents of the young man killed in a shootout in Valley Grande are speaking out against gun violence — and drugs.

Wal Parentsspeak0329 PkgWarrent and Velma Reese are mourning the loss of their youngest child, Warrent Reese, II.

Authorities say — Reese and two other men were involved in a shootout — as the result of a drug deal gone bad.

However — the Reeses have a problem — with that picture.

“I just want the world to know that my son may have smoked weed — and influence of weed — but he was never a drug dealer,” said his mother Velma.

The couple says the influence of movies — music — and even video games — are breeding a culture of drugs and gun violence — in today’s youth.

They say parents are going to have to step up — in order to stem the tide.

Wal Parentsspeak0329 Pkg1“They’re sending a subliminal message,” said Warrent Reese, Sr.

“You ain’t cool if you ain’t smoking weed.”

“People don’t fight with they hands no more. Children fight with guns. And unfortunately that cost my son’s life. That caused his friend to be in the hospital. That caused the other person to be in jail,” she said.

Forcing a father and mother to push through the pain of their loss — to try and help others.

“I would tell every parent to do all you can and never ever stop. Stay in their ear. Worry them. I know you might get tired of repeating yourself. But, if it’ll, do anything you can to not be in the seat that I’m in,” said Reese, Sr.

Funeral Services for Warrent Reese, II — will be this Saturday at noon — at Salem Primitive Baptist Church in Orrville.

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