Special Needs Children Fun Day Event Returns in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Fun Day event for Special Needs Children in Selma and Dallas County — is back after a three-year hiatus — due to COVID-19.

The event acknowledges a group of children — that often times — get over-looked.

The event featured games — food — and marching bands from area high schools.

Wal Specialneeds0427 Fox Pkg“You walk inside and you’re going to see our special needs scholars dancing, cheering, just having a good time,” said Selma City Schools Superintendent Dr. Zickeyous Byrd.

“So it’s a good time for everybody. And we’re so glad to be a part of this wonderful event.”

“We do this to recognize our special children, their parents, teachers, the aides, everybody that works with special needs children,” said George Evans.

The former Selma mayor started the event — 12 years ago. The COVID-19 pandemic shut it down for the last 3 years — but now the event is back.

“An event like this says that we care. We see you, we know who you are. We embrace you and we’re here to support you,” said Dallas County Schools Superintendent Anthony Sampson.

“I’m thankful for this event. Meeting other people and everything you know, other parents like myself with special needs children. I can talk to them, get ideas and what not. I love it,” said Monica Williams Rhodes.

Evans also hosts a golf tournament each year — to raise awareness and money in support of the Special Needs community.

Proceeds from the golf tournament help pay for the Fun Day event.

It also benefits Cahaba Mental Health — Easter Seals — Selma City and Dallas County Schools.

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