Dallas Co. Woman Dead Following Drive By Shooting

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A mother of two is killed a day before Mother’s Day after her home is targeted in a drive-by shooting early Saturday morning.

Sheriff Mike Granthum says it happened on the 9000 block of County Road 3. And over 30 shell casings were found on the scene.

Wal Dcdriveby0515 Fox Pkg1“Several of the bullets struck the house. She was inside the house when she got struck. And then a family member tried to take her to the hospital — had some type of mechanical problems with the vehicle and wasn’t able to make it and she passed,” Granthum said.

The victim has been identified as 33 year old — Diane Fitts.

“This is just senseless. I mean, this lady’s at home in the morning trying to cook breakfast for her family. And then a rapid gunfire at around 8 o’clock in the morning.”

Wal Dcdriveby0515 Fox Pkg2Granthum says Fitts is related to one of three suspects now facing capital murder charges in the death of a Selma five year old.

The child was killed in a drive-by shooting at Valley Creek Apartments back in March — and this shooting may have been done in retaliation.

“These perpetrators are a bunch of cowards is what they are,” said Granthum.

“They want to drive by and shoot up some people’s house, not even knowing if the person you’re looking for is in there.” I mean you don’t know if it’s family members, children or what have you. And they’re a bunch of cowards. Let us do our job. You don’t need to retaliate because you gon’ go to jail yourself.”

Anyone with information about the shooting — call investigators at 874-2530. Or call Crime Stoppers — at 215-STOP.

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