People in Selma and Dallas Co. Observe Memorial Day

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

People in Selma spent Memorial Day enjoying the freedom — that U. S. soldiers have been fought and died — for American citizens to have.

All soldiers give some. But some soldiers gave all.Wal Memorialday23 Pkg1

Memorial Day — honors that ultimate sacrifice — to pay the cost of freedom.

“Memorial Day is when we remember the fallen. The one who has carried the flag for us,” said Earl Lewis, Sr.

“If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be here probably enjoying the freedoms we do now,” said Dannie Carswell.

“Because they gave all for us. For our freedom. Because freedom is not free,” said Kimberly Lewis.

“It takes a different breed of person to sign on that dotted line. They’ll give up their life for their country,” said Rod Stone.

Wal Memorialday23 PkgHow people observe Memorial Day — can be different — for different people.

Just like the ways people live out the freedom — the ultimate sacrifice has bought and paid for.

“Freedom to me is I can do whatever I want,” said Elizabeth Doherty.

“Freedom to exercise my rights. To vote. And to go to whatever church I want to go to,” said James McGrue, Jr.

“Freedom to me is the life that we have, to go and come, to enjoy whatever we choose to be a part of,” said Earl Lewis, Sr.

The annual Memorial Day ceremony — is sponsored by VFW Post 3016 — and American Legion Post 20.

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