Grant $$$ Supports Aviation Training at Craig Field in Selma

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The effort to make Craig Field in Selma an aviation hub once again — gets a $3 million dollar boost — from a couple of federal grants.

“Craig Field makes Selma unique,” said Executive Director Jim Corrigan.Wal Craigfield0530 Fox Pkg2

“We gotta leverage our assets, the long runway and all the hangars, to bring jobs”

And Corrigan says a $2.4 million dollar EDA grant — will help the airport and industrial authority — do just that.

“That allows us to actually renovate two buildings. Finish renovating the Advanced ATC Air Traffic Control Academy and Remote Tower Center. As well as start renovating a three story, 76-room dormitory.”

Wal Craigfield0530 Fox PkgCorrigan says the projects are part of the effort to make Craig Field an aviation training center.

“We could have mechanics training, we could have pilot training and we could have air traffic controller training. I think those are the big three in aviation.”

Remote air traffic controllers — and A&P Mechanics are already being trained and certified — out at Craig Field.

Wal Craigfield0530 Fox Pkg 1“Instead of going to a 2-year school, you’re able to come and do like 3 years of OJT and get hands-on experience,” said  Adam Chinrock.

Corrigan says a $680,000 dollar EPA Brownfield grant — will pay for the demolition and removal — of several old buildings on the former Air Force base that are in bad shape.

“One step at a time we’re modernizing this airport. And I think it’ll pay off here in the future,” said Corrigan.

And Corrigan says the final piece of the plan — is to expose area high school students to aviation — and the opportunities that are available to them — in the industry.

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