Selma city council votes to keep and repair Memorial Stadium

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The Selma City Council has voted for the city to maintain ownership of Memorial Stadium and Bloch Park — at a special called meeting last night.

The council also voted to declare a state of emergency — at both facilities.

Council President Billy Young says the emergency declaration — will help speed up the process of making the necessary repairs at the stadium.

Wal Memorialstadium0607 Fox Pkg“Hopefully before the 2023 football season. But we’re up against the clock,” said Young.

Memorial Stadium now sits in a state of disrepair.

“It was damaged from Hurricane Zeta back in 2020 and there was some repairs,” Young said.

“Everything wasn’t complete yet. Then it received substantial damage during the January 12th tornado.”

The emergency declaration is supposed to accelerate the repair process.

“It’s gonna have to be done in phases. This first phase will not bring back Memorial Stadium 100 percent,” said Young.

“But it will make it so that the student athletes can play a football game and that everybody that comes out, we’re safe.”

Wal Memorialstadium0607 Fox Pkg2Memorial Stadium is also supposed to used for track and field.

Cornell Blevins ran track at Selma High last year — and he says the team was really good. But there weren’t very many people in Selma — who knew.

“Like out of town, more people hear about us. That’s because that’s where all our meets are,” said Blevins.

“In Selma since we don’t have a track and we don’t have at home track meets. Its just hard for locals to hear about us.”

The city school system had shown some interested in acquiring the properties — to try and make sure the facilities were available for area youth.

Selma City School Superintendent Dr. Zickeyous Byrd said he’s happy with the city’s commitment to make the repairs at the stadium.

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