Faith Matters

Author Makes Case for Power of Belief

People who believe ageing brings wisdom live longer. Lucky charms really do improve an athlete’s performance. Taking a placebo, even when you know it is a placebo, can still improve your health. Welcome…

ASU Professor Writes Children's Book

  ASU Professor and Counselor Educator Dr. Linda Holloway has written a children's book in hopes of normalizing counseling and therapy in the black community. Dr. Holloway recently joined David Lamb on Alabama News…

Pastor Mark Bethea joins Alabama News Rising to Discuss Future After Arson

On September, 30, 2021 an arsonist tried to burn down Montgomery's First Baptist Church. With extensive damage and expensive repairs ahead, Pastor Mark Bethea joined David Lamb on Alabama News Rising to discuss what the immediate plans are for his congregation and the surprising positives amidst a painful chapter.

Montgomery Prays for Orlando Victims

New details on the Orlando shooting are ever emerging, as are the messages of love and support from across the globe. Many religious denominations are sending up prayers and warm thoughts…

Greek Orthodox Church in Montgomery Prepares for Annual Festival

[gtxvideo vid="2WTYyAp7" playlist="" pid="2gxTqEDg" thumb="" vtitle="greek fest"] The Greek Orthodox Church is preparing for their annual Greek Food Festival. For many it's about more than the food, it's also about fellowship and informing people about the Greek Orthodox beliefs. There will be…

Prayers for Butler County Officers

A group of prayer warriors has spent the last month praying for every group, business, organization and person in Butler County. Wednesday, they completed their long list with a stop at the Greenville Police Department to pray for and with…

Church Brings 'Ashes to Go' to Montgomery

[gtxvideo vid="bdIejNvt" playlist="" pid="2gxTqEDg" thumb="" vtitle="Faith Matters Ashes to Go"] Today marks ash Wednesday, also known as the first day of lent. It's a century old tradition celebrated by Catholics and Episcopalians across the world. One area church is bringing…

Faith Matters: Terry's Tumor and Pilots for Christ

  [gtxvideo vid="8ApAYXhL" playlist="" pid="2gxTqEDg" thumb="" vtitle="faithmatters"] An Alabama non-profit is using flight to get people in dire need to cancer and other medical treatments across the country. In Monroeville, Alabama Pilots for Christ takes off with a greater purpose.…

Faith Matters: Perry Co. Senior Citizen Center Kept Open By Faith

[gtxvideo vid="kgfSJCru" playlist="" pid="2gxTqEDg" thumb="" vtitle="Senior xmas party.m4v"]   From the West Alabama Newsroom-- Over the past few years a lack of funding has threatened to close down an adult daycare center in Perry County. And people at the center…

Church Uses VBS As Tool To Reach Community

Almost 400 kids are spending time at Eastmont Baptist this week for Vacation Bible School. The theme this year? Son Spark Labs, putting a focus on God's plan as well as science.

Faith Matters: Praying for Elected Leaders

Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. It's a time when people of faith pray for their families, communities, police and rescue personnel, clergy, and elected leaders, among others.

Faith Matters: Respite Care Ministry

The diagnosis of dementia can be devastating. Many caregivers need help to cope and find resources for memory-loss patients. Faith groups in our area are stepping up to the challenge.

Selma Voting Rights Movement Powered by Faith

From the West Alabama Newsroom-- As the city of Selma prepares to mark the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches -- the eyes of the world will once again be focused on the historic Voting Rights Movement -- and the faith that fueled it.

Together in Worship

Music, sermon, prayer and fellowship. They're elements we find in many churches across our area. However, some congregations look very different.

Faith Matters: Getting New Faces to Church

One of the biggest challenges facing many churches is getting people inside who have never been before or haven't gone in years, and some Christian churches are trying creative new ways to get the message across.

Faith Matters: Surviving Heart Disease

This month, we've introduced you to heart disease survivors all across our area. Many of them say having faith has made a big difference in their recoveries. That's turned one Montgomery couple into active volunteers for heart awareness.

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