Selma Thrift Shop Helps Families Dealing with Autism & Alzheimer’s

From the West Alabama Newsroom– A Selma non-profit group — is working to help keep people with autism and Alzheimer’s safe — and give their family members — some peace of mind. The Autism and Alzheimer’s Outreach Group runs a thrift shop. Money the group makes from the store is used to buy tracking bracelets for the Project Lifesaver program….

Project Lifesaver Program Helps Locate Lost Senior Citizens

Project Lifesaver has been active in Alabama since 2006. It was implemented after law enforcement officials realized that the most difficult search and rescue missions were for elderly people, and those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Autism. This is where the technology used in this program shines brightest. The patient wears a wrist band similar to a smart watch. The device…