Artificial Intelligence

What the Tech? App of the Day: Wombo

If you’re a fan of stupid silly apps, Wambo is a new one on the radar. Like other shape-shifting apps such as Face Swap, Gradient and ReFace, Wombo creates a short video or GIF from a selfie.

Alabama Commission on Artifical Intelligence Holds First Meeting

On Thursday morning the Alabama Commission on Artificial Intelligence met at the Capitol. In the regular session earlier this year the Alabama Legislature unanimously passed a measure creating the commission. Alabama is now one of only three states that have such a commission. The commissions mission is to ” advise the Governor and Legislature on all aspects of the growth…

What the Tech? Robot Bowling

An amazing video of a supposed robot throwing a strike with a bowling ball has Twitter and Facebook users wide-eyed. The video appears to show a large robot at a bowling alley, picking up a ball, spinning it around with its arm and literally throwing the ball through the air striking the head pin in mid-air. It isn’t real. The…