Confederate soldier statue

Tuskegee Closes The Downtown Square Around Confederate Statue

After councilman johnny ford tried to cut down the statue a few weeks ago, officials have been trying to decide on what to do about the statue their main concern being the safety of the public. The city council in Tuskegee held a special meeting Thursday to discuss what the next move will be for the town square and the statue.

Tuskegee Confederate Statue Considered A Hazard

Its been almost two weeks since Tuskegee City Councilman Johnny Ford attempted to cut down a confederate statue that sits in the downtown square, and now there are concerns the statue may be unsafe to continue standing as is.

Alabama Attorney General Sues Over Confederate Statue Move

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has filed a court challenge over Madison County’s removal of a Confederate soldier statue at its courthouse. The Republican official announced the lawsuit Friday. He’s arguing the statue’s movement to a Huntsville cemetery violates a 2017 state law called the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act that is aimed at protecting Confederate monuments….