People Voice Support for Tax Free Gas to Lower Prices

From the West Alabama Newsroom– President Joe Biden is pushing a plan — to reduce soaring fuel prices — by reducing fuel taxes. And people in west Alabama are hoping state leaders — get on board. Cheaper gas prices — are the only way — to reduce some of the pain that people are feeling at the pump right now….

Diesel Prices Across Alabama Seeing All-Time High, Truck Drivers Affected

According the AAA, the average price for diesel gas today is $5.35/gal. which is $2.47 more than a year ago. Truck drivers are being directly affected by this situation, and say they deserve better. Categories: Montgomery Metro, News Tags: AAA, Alabama, diesel, Gas Prices, montgomery

High Fuel Costs Fueling Inflation in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom– The high cost of gas and diesel — is busting budgets — eating up business profits — and fueling inflation. The cost of gas in Selma — is over four dollars a gallon. And that has area residents — feeling the pain at the pump. “Wow! They’re outrageous. To try to get to work and…