People Voice Support for Tax Free Gas to Lower Prices

From the West Alabama Newsroom– President Joe Biden is pushing a plan — to reduce soaring fuel prices — by reducing fuel taxes. And people in west Alabama are hoping state leaders — get on board. Cheaper gas prices — are the only way — to reduce some of the pain that people are feeling at the pump right now….

Supply Chain Issues May Affect The Price Of Your Thanksgiving Meal

As grocers in our community are having trouble getting all the turkeys, canned soups, produce and more that they need because of supply chain issues, your Thanksgiving may not be spared from price of inflation that we’re seeing in the economy. 

Community College Tuition Increases Across State

It is never something students like to hear, but college tuition is increasing again. The Alabama Community College System board of trustees approved a $2 increase per credit hour. The increase aims to improve community colleges across the state, but not everyone is on board with the new prices. Some students, like Nursing Student Jeannette Whetstone, are still on the fence about the…