U.S. Military

Biden: Afghanistan Evacuations Are Accelerating

Tens of thousands of people remain to join the airlift, which has been slowed by security issues and U.S. bureaucracy hurdles. The Pentagon has ordered six U.S. commercial airlines to help move evacuees from temporary sites outside of Afghanistan.

Army Officials Encourage Residents to Enlist

Officials from the United States Army are encouraging Alabamians to consider enlisting. Anyone qualified and at least 17 years old, can join the army. Officials say the army provides over 150 opportunities for you to accomplish your goals. “If they have any goals or anything they want to obtain I will show them how to army can definitely help them…

Air Force Seeks New Land-Based and Air-Launched Nukes

The Air Force is soliciting industry proposals to build a new fleet of long-range nuclear missiles as well as replacements for its air-launched nuclear cruise missile force. The two projects are part of a near-total rebuild of the nation’s nuclear arsenal expected to cost hundreds of billions of dollars over 30 years. The Air Force said Friday that it intends…