U.S. Senate Special Election

New Voting Machines for Montgomery County

ExpressVote ballot marking device will feature touchscreen capabilities

Montgomery County voters will notice something different when they go to the polls for next Tuesday’s special election — new voting machines. Two new machines will be located in all 49 Montgomery voting precincts. The first is the DS-200 tabulating machine which will feature faster read times. The second is the ExpressVote ballot marking device. That device has touchscreen capabilities and can…

New Poll: Democrat Jones Ahead of Republican Moore

JMC Polling from Louisiana releases the research.

A Louisiana polling firm–JMC Analytics and Polling–says their new polling shows support for Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Moore falling behind that of Democratic Nominee Doug Jones. One key result: Question 4: If the special election for US Senate were held today, which candidate would you support? (Party affiliations of candidates mentioned) CURRENT           PREVIOUS Jones   …