Greenville Police Searching for Camellia Pavilion Vandals

GVILLE VANDALISM PICGreenville Police are looking for individuals who vandalized the Camellia Pavilion and Greenville City Library. The Camellia Pavilion is where many meetings, parties, special events, and even weddings are held.

“Countless people have enjoyed it,” says Library Director Keving Pearcey. “You know, I would say thousands of people have used this facility, and the city of Greenville uses it.”

But just this past weekend, someone decided to give the Pavilion and library an unwanted makeover. A local photographer was at the Pavilion on Sunday for a family photo shoot, when he saw several symbols and messages spray painted onto the Pavilion walls, pillars, floor, and library windows.

“I just think it’s really unfortunate that somebody would feel the need to vandalize a facility,” says Pearcey. “Well two facilities really, the library and the Pavilion, but the Pavilion especially because this is just a place that’s here for the public to use and enjoy.”

IMG_3139Most of the damages have been cleaned up thanks to Greenville Public Works employees. The walls had to be scrubbed and sanded for most of the paint to come off, which means they will have to be re-stained to hide the light spots from the sanding. The graffiti on the concrete floor is still visible and will take some time to remove.

Pearcey is not just upset about the crime, but also the disrespect he feels these vandals have shown such a beautiful city hot-spot.

“People just enjoy walking down here and sitting and relaxing. Listening to the fountain. So I took it as just, really an affront to myself personally, but also an affront to the city of Greenville and to the many people that have enjoyed this building.”

IMG_3137Greenville Police are investigating the crime. Chief Investigator Justin Lovvorn says he and his team already have a few suspects in mind. When caught, the vandals will face misdemeanor criminal mischief charges.

“If we connect them to other crimes that happened in that same time frame and the same area, then their charges could be added to or increased,” adds Lovvorn.

If anyone has information about the vandalism at the library and Camellia Pavilion, they are asked to call the Greenville Police Department at (334) 382-7461 and report what they know to an investigator.

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