The Battle Over Victoryland in Tuskegee Continues

victoryland112.jpgThe battle over Victoryland in Tuskegee continues as Mayor Johnny Ford has now filed a complaint with the Alabama Ethics Commission.

“I have requested the Alabama Ethics Commission to also investigate Luther Strange,” Ford said.

In his complaint Mayor Ford said that Luther Strange has filed amicus briefs in court cases benefiting corporations and companies having nothing to do with Alabama.

He has also called upon the US Attorney General to investigate.

Ford says the closure of Victoryland was a blow to his community, leaving around 2,000 people out of work.

“Tuskeegee and Macon County has been economically devistated because of the closure of Victoryland,” he shared.

Samuel Mindingall worked for a year and a half at Victoryland as a security guard and said it was difficult find a new job.

“It took a little while at first, you know what I’m saying when it closed down,” he said but after that it took me about a year, I’ve been doing stuff like this, little side jobs…to make ends meet.”

Angela Starks says she’s noticed a decline in business, “I do know others around that worked in Tuskegee that had businesses that they lost alot of revenue because people weren’t able to come here as they always did.”

Mayor Ford says Victoryland should be open by the end of the summer.

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