First United Methodist Church Promotes Unity

Several people from First United Methodist Church and Saint Paul African American Episcopal Churches in Montgomery came together for a service of unity and prayer Sunday.

The churches have united for worship for several years. But they wanted to address how the country can handle violence, after the recent police-involved shootings. They also want to share how they can work in their own community to promote peace and unity.

“We have steps we can take. Reaching out to other people, speaking non-violence, talking about peace and helping people have a heart of peace, not a heart of war,” says Lawson Bryan, minister of First United Methodist Church.

Farrel Duncombe of St. Paul AME shared his experience as a teen in Montgomery, when Dr. Martin Lunther King Jr.’s homeĀ  was bombed. He says after hearing Dr. King stress non-violence, his life was changed.

“He still came out and remained truthful and loyal to his motive, to remember non-violence and that went a long way with me,” says Duncombe.

Bryan says this is the time to share the resources that the christian faith has to offer. He says it’s more than good words and nice thoughts.


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