Officials Ask Drivers to Use Caution on Fort Dale St.

SAL ROADCHANGE PIC2On September 25 of last year, a traffic light on Fort Dale Street stopped working. The light at the intersection of Fort Dale and Cedar Street had been an issue with the city for a long time. It was near another stop light on Commerce Street and close to the W.O. Parmer and Greenville Elementary and Middle School campuses, which caused major traffic congestion during the school year.

When the light went out, Greenville Mayor Dexter McLendon and the city council decided that instead of repairing or replacing the light, traffic would improve if the light was replaced with a stop sign at the end of Cedar.

SAL ROADCHANGE PIC3“We had just said, once that light goes out we’re not going to put it back up,” says McLendon. “Because we think, traffic will be… Will flow better through there, and it has.”

Fort Dale Street is a heavily trafficked road in the city. With Greenville County schools starting on August 11, moms want drivers to be extra careful driving on the road.

“Everyone just really needs to be mindful, of the kids walking to and from school,” says mom Christy Bozeman. Bozeman’s oldest daughter is starting Kindergarten at W.O. Parmer. “Just pay attention, you know. Don’t be looking at your cell phones! Just be aware of your surroundings, and the traffic, and the kids.”

SAL ROADCHANGE PICThere will be officers set up at the Cedar and Fort Dale intersection to help with morning and afternoon traffic for the first week of school. There will also be officers at the entrance and exit to the middle and elementary schools throughout the school year.

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