Community Holds Prayer Vigil for Injured Officer


Dozens of people came to Baptist South Hospital to pray for Officer Carlos Taylor.

Dozens of people surrounded the Baptist South Hospital fountain Sunday afternoon to support Officer Carlos Taylor and his family. Carlos is a Montgomery Police Officer who suffered life-threatening injuries in a car accident on February 17.

The Taylor family has been at the hospital since the accident, and even though Carlos’s condition is improving, the family is still asking for prayers. A close family friend organized the event to give them just that.

Tierra Bedgood says she’s known the Taylor family for almost a decade, and the car accident hit close to home. Her father, Sergeant Andre Carlisle, worked with and is close to Taylor as well.

While Taylor is still in stable condition, the vigil was a reminder to his family that they aren’t alone while they stay in the hospital. Nearly every person who came out to pray dressed in blue, to show even more support for Taylor and law enforcement.

“You see we’ve got a great support system, everyone is coming out, even people that doesn’t even know Carlos,” Carlisle says. “They’re even coming out, and you know supporting and praying for him. So I think it’s just a wonderful thing to see how people can come together in a time of need.”

“Well, to me it shows that people actually know that police aren’t bad and that they’re here to support the community,” adds Bedgood. “Because, I mean at the end of the day, without police there’s chaos.”

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