Storm Shelters In Montgomery Schools

The deadly Tornado that claimed the life of 9 people, 8 of them students at Enterprise High School,  prompted lawmakers to pass a law to protect students in the event of a tornado. The law requires new schools to have up to code storm shelters approved by the Alabama Building Commission.

Carr Middle School, built in 2008 is equipped with four of these safe spaces that double as classrooms.
In the event of severe weather, all of the students and faculty can crowd into the designated classrooms.

Brittany Aarestad, Principle at Carr Middle school says its reassuring to know that the school was built with severe weather in mind. She says “I came from Georgia and we don’t have these, so it’s definitely nice to know that when the kids are in here we will be safe, There aren’t any windows so there isn’t a tornado that can actually get to us. If the entire building you know…. goes away, we’ll at least know that these will be safe and secure.”

Under that law, only schools built after July 2010 are required to have built in storm shelters but some older schools have added them as well.


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