Butler Co. Career Academy Offering Classes to Community

The Butler County Career Academy is a major player in the county’s economic development. The Academy trains existing workers and the next wave of the workforce in numerous subjects like welding, nursing, soft skills, culinary courses, and electric work.

The Academy has always offered classes to the community, but now through several partnerships and grants, anyone at any age or education level can take classes. Whether it’s someone who wants to get their GED, someone who needs a few extra classes to finish a degree, an employee who wants a little more training, or just someone who wants to learn a new skill, they can come to the Career Academy to learn.

“This is a fairly unique situation that we have here,” says Academy Director Jennifer Burt. “Because we want to make sure our center doesn’t just close at 3:30 when the students leave. We want to offer it to the community as well as our employers in the county.”

The classes are also offered at little to no cost to the students. The Academy is holding an open house on Thursday, May 11 from 5-6 PM for high school students and their parents, but it’s also open to anyone in the Butler County community who is interested in taking one of the courses.

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