Selma School Board Balks at Superintendent Contract

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Contract negotiations for the new superintendent of Selma City Schools appears to have hit a slight snag before its officially a done deal.

Dr. Avis Williams now has to decide whether to accept or reject an amended version of the contract proposal she negotiated with the board president and attorney.

The school board was unwilling to accept some of the details laid out in the contract that was supposed to have been voted on.

The amount of a car allowance, how much vacation time and what percentage of the superintendent’s retirement payments would be paid by the district were some of the sticking points.

“Some of the board members thought that we should give and take a little bit and I think we’ve reached a pretty reasonable contract and we’re just excited about it. Hope Dr. Williams feels the same way and she’ll come in shortly,” said Board President Johnny Moss.

Williams accepted the superintendent position after the board voted unanimously to offer her the position.

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