Covington County Courthouse Turns 100

Courthouse remains one of the city's most recognizable historic landmarks

Hundreds gathered Tuesday in Covington County to celebrate a vital piece of their history.

The Covington County Courthouse has officially turned a century old. It was built for 100-thousand dollars back in 1917.

“People expect that they’ll find justice and that they’ll find mercy and that they’ll find compassion in the courthouse and we have a history in this courthouse of the people here dispensing those things not only 10 years ago or 100 years ago, but still today,” said Walt Merrell, District Attorney, Covington County.

For Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson, the anniversary is personal. He started practicing law in the courthouse in 1974.

“My father worked in this building at the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” said Mayor Johnson. “I can remember coming up here with him as a little boy. I think that’s where I may have gotten my first interest in being a lawyer is coming up with him to the courthouse. It’s been a big part of my life.”

U.S. District Court Judge Harold Albritton spent three decades in the main courtroom. He says the building is a beacon of justice for the community.

“This is the middle of justice in Covington County and there’s been a lot dispensed here,” said Judge Albritton.  “It still stands and I hope it stands for many, many more years.”

More than 8,ooo court cases were processed at the courthouse  just last year.

“More case law has been made in Covington County than probably any other county our size in the state,” said Mayor Johnson.

Lawmakers say as they celebrate this milestone, they’re reminded of their calling to serve the community.

“This courthouse, not unlike many others around the state, is vital to the community but it’s so much more than just a building,” said Merrell. “It’s the hearts and the minds and the spirit of the people within it.”

The Covington County Courthouse was placed on national historic register in 1989.

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