Daiquiri Bar In Downtown Montgomery Asks For Help To Stay Open

Candy Capel, the “CC” of CC’s daiquiris, says the city’s recent suspension of open alcohol containers in downtown’s entertainment district has been bad news for her business.”Because many of them just turn around and leave now when they in out they cant walk around in their drinks” she explained.

The ordinance suspension went into effect January 1st. The ban did not affect the Cloverdale entertainment district… It’s one of the many reasons Capel says the ordinance is unfair.

The Cloverdale entertainment District isn’t the only exception, the city has lifted the suspension temporarily for Montgomery’s downtown MardiGras celebration.

“What happens when the 6 hours are over?” Capel questioned, “So now we’re going to flip right back again? That’s hard to explain”.

Loyal customers showed their support of CC’s Friday night, at an event put on to support fellow minority local businesses. and “Keep CC’s Alive” according to one flyer.

But Capel is now asking for a little more than their patronage. She’s started a GoFundMe with plans to eventually add a small kitchen.

“Hopefully so that in the next 90 days we can begin some sort of limited food service, ad we’re hoping even shorter than that we’ve already begun conversations with the Montgomery County Health Department” she said.

On online petition has been started to have the suspension lifted, and  has over 2, 000 signatures. Capel says she does plan to present the petition to Montgomery City officials and hopes to come to some sort of an agreement.

If you’d like to support CC’s Daiquiri’s GoFundMe click here.

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