Sanders-Fortier Eyes Senate District 23 Seat

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma attorney Malika Sanders-Fortier is running for the seat in the state senate that her father, Senator Hank Sanders, has held for more than three decades.

The forty-four year old, married, mother of six says she’s already started putting together a team to help her handle a heavier work load.

She says being the daughter of the longtime senator comes with some unique advantages.

“One of the themes of my candidacy is “Fresh Leadership and Wise Council,” so that we don’t lose the thirty years of experience and knowledge and understanding that my father has gained,” she said.

“Instead we build on it. We take it and we build on it and we break out the side of the box, do new and innovative things but on a strong foundation.”

Sanders-Fortier says she plans to shadow her father as he completes the last nine months of his term in office.

They were the only people who qualified to run for the senate seat.

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