Troy Non-Profit Gearing Up for Annual Day of Giving

A Troy community non-profit organization is preparing for a day of giving back to the community. The Christian Love Community Center will have its 6th Annual Day of Giving this Friday. Volunteers are expecting a big turnout.
“We cater to the needs of the community,” Lawanda Bell with the Christian Love Community Center said that is the main mission of the center. She says volunteers are busy organizing donations to get them ready for the event.
“There is so much preparation that has to be done,” Bell said. “We start our day off by just by bringing things, everything that we’ve had donated, we bring everything out and we sort through the items.”
Shoes, clothes, and school uniforms are among the items available… But according to Bell, there will be so much more.
“Also, we have some furniture here as well,” Bell said. “We also have a lot of kids toys, small computers, things of that nature. Just giving back to the community is one thing the Christian Love Community Center loves to do.”
Bell says the room is going to be filled with those free items. Tamiya Green is a student volunteer at the center. She wants to pubic to know it doesn’t matter the person’s age, all are invited to sort through the clothes and enjoy the day.
“Everybody is welcome,” Green said. “If you’re 5 or if you’re 50, everybody is welcome. We have music. We just have a good time.”
The event is free and open to the public. It’s scheduled for Friday, August 3rd from five to seven p.m. at the Christian Love Community Center located in Troy.
The Christian Love Community Center is also needing monetary donations to help with food and gas expenses. To donate, call the Center at 566-5210, or visit its Facebook page “The Christian Love Community Center” for more information.

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