“Unhackable” Technology Created Could Prevent Hackers From Getting Your Information

Hackers are a growing threat in the changing world. Technology companies are always looking for ways to prevent hackers from obtaining personal information. One company may have found the answer. Secure Transmission Technology, or STT, has designed a form of technology called STTarx (Starks).

According to STT employee Jeff Miller, STTarx has not been hacked, despite tests performed by various institutions, including officials from Troy University.

Miller explains how the technology can confuse potential hackers.
“With our technology, you get no response,” Miller said. “So its kinda like we’re just turned off and the systems not on. Hackers literally have to go verify that the computers that they’re trying to hack are on and communicating.”

Dr. David Price of Troy University’s IT department performed testing. According to Miller, Price is a cybersecurity expert.

“Several different tests were performed on our software, and, at that time, it performed like it was supposed to,” Miller said. “It was unhackable.”

The academic research obtained from parties where testing was done has been published.
A technology that could protect people in the near future.
To find out more about the technology, visit STTarx’s website at http://www.sttarx.com

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