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Secretary of State Merrill Talks Cybersecurity, Trip to Israel

Alabama’s Secretary of State John Merrill is speaking out about keeping voters as cyber secure as possible in the state’s 2020 election cycle. “One of the things that we’re dedicated to doing is to ensuring that when you cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice, it’s going to count for the candidate of your choice,” Merrill said. Merrill…

New Technology is Helping Patients with Heart-Related Problems

Jackson Hospital is offering a new program to help patients with heart-related problems. The new program is part of the Cardiac Electrophysiology department. It uses technology that can map out and pinpoint a more accurate response to the patient’s cardiac problem. Patients with heart-related issues used to travel far to get treatments. With the new department, that has now changed….

“Unhackable” Technology Created Could Prevent Hackers From Getting Your Information

Hackers are a growing threat in the changing world. Technology companies are always looking for ways to prevent hackers from obtaining personal information. One company may have found the answer. Secure Transmission Technology, or STT, has designed a form of technology called STTarx (Starks). According to STT employee Jeff Miller, STTarx has not been hacked, despite tests performed by various…