Pre-existing Conditions as an Election Issue

Marshall vs Siegelman race for Attorney General

One of the issues in Tuesday’s election is a health insurance battle that could end the requirement for insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.
State attorneys-general have lined up—mostly by party— on either side of a lawsuit asking the courts to rule against the affordable care act’s provision for pre-existing condition coverage.

A veteran named Maze Marshall called a news conference today in Montgomery to criticize Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall for siding with other Republican state AG’s on the issue. Maze Marshall has two dogs in the fight. One is his own health,. and the other his association with former Democratic Governor Don Seigelman, whose son is running against Marshall.

” This election is very important. Of course I’m voting for Joseph Siegelman. I’m not telling you who to vote for, but if the house is on fire I shouldn’t have to tell you to call the fire department.



The news conference comes just days before that general election. among the races is the state Attorney General’s race—-Democratic nominee Siegelman against Republican nominee Marshall.

You can see a series of stories by ABC News about pre-existing conditions as a growing issue for candidates of both parties in Tuesday’s 2018 General Election.

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