Butler County Residents Brave the Cold to Vote On Ad Valorem Tax Proposal

Voters steadily trickled in to Butler County polling locations Tuesday, exercising their right to vote yes or no on a proposal that would increase property taxes while funding the Butler County School system.

“We came out here to vote because we feel like its very important to vote,” parent Sarah Roper says.

Some voters were willing to pay extra in property taxes if it meant a better education for area students.

“I am a former educator, so I know how important it is for the school system to have funding,” voter Linda Alford says.

“Well I have two boys, fixing to be a 15-year-old and a six year old so, whatever we can teach them in school, then that’s whats going to carry them for the future,” Butler County voter and parent Jessica Walker says.

Voters had many different opinions on the proposed property tax increase. Roper says her son is receiving a good education and the school system does not need funding.

“My son goes to the school and I think he has all he needs and more. I don’t think the schools are struggling bad enough to add taxes.”

Some butler county residents are worried about what the outcome of the vote will be, with money coming out of their own pockets.

“It’s something you have to think about it, you do,” Butler County voter Clarice Newby says.

“It’s difficult to figure out where all this money is going, so with that in mind, I would have to say we have to vote no, we have to stop this,” resident Aubrey Stabler says.

Polls close at 7 p.m. Stay tuned to Alabama News Network for the latest results.

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