Students Learn Work-Force Skills Through Technology

A Pike County learning center is providing public high school students the opportunity to learn work force skills using technology.

It’s called the Center for Advanced Academics and Accelerated Learning.

It offers programs that help students earn an associates degree before graduating high school.

“We’ve sort of reframed how we see our role in the pike county school systemwide as not just educators, but work force developers,” Director Jeff McClure says

McClure has overseen the facility since it opened last year.

He says the goal is to give students a foundation that will better equip them for the real world by getting the students out of a traditional classroom and handing them tools many students across the country don’t have access to.

“We’re asking students who we’re educating right now to fill careers possibly that don’t even exist yet.”

The center uses emerging technologies, like robotics, virtual reality, and flight simulators to teach the students skills like creative problem solving, communication, and collaboration.

McClure says those tools will better prepare the students for career demands.

“This technology is a tool, it’s not a toy, because we do have to remember their age,” McClure says. “You know, yes, there is a cool factor it’s very cool, but it’s a tool to help get you where you’re going.”

Pike County student Matthew Koch says he’s found confidence in his abilities through programs.

“I learned a lot more about how to be independent and how to do things on my own that couldn’t do before,” Koch says. “It’s not offered to everyone in the world, but if you try your hardest, you can make it.”

McClure also says he accepts community input to help meet the growing needs Pike County.

“By making these programs available in high school, these are students not just getting a head start on life but also having an opportunity at something maybe their parents didn’t get”

The center is funded completely by the Pike County School system and is free for students.

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