Ivey Delivers State of State; Signals Likely Special Session on Gas Tax

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is signaling her intent to call a special session on a proposed gas tax to fund road and bridge construction.

In her State of the State address Tuesday night, Ivey said “crumbling” infrastructure is a threat to the state’s public safety and economy. The Republican governor told lawmakers she is willing to call them into special session if needed to pass the legislation.

Ivey is proposing a 10-cent gasoline tax increase to be phased in over three years. The state’s gasoline tax was last increased in 1992.

The governor began her annual address with a moment of silence for the 23 people killed by a tornado in Lee County.

She says the state will rally together to help the county recover from the storm’s devastation.

You can watch Gov. Ivey’s State of the State Address on the Alabama News Network Facebook page.

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